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About NOTA

NOTA Digital build engaging immersive experiences that enable your brand to connect with people across all digital platforms. We consist of a small team of dedicated designers, passionate coders and original thinkers who love to help businesses reach their goals. Work with us and you'll see that we're always on hand to answer ANY questions at ANY stage of the process at ANY time. It's NOTA problem. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. We're here to do that for you.


So, how does that translate to everyday services? Well, we cover pretty much everything that has a screen. Whether it's an online application, iPhone app, microsite or video - we take care of it from concept to completion. Though we create for many big brands, we care about the smaller ones too. Each project is treated as the same: broken down, analyzed, researched and planned in minute detail. We then lead you through the design process to achieve the best solution to achieve your goals. And while we do spend (possibly too much!) time in front of the screen, you can be sure that we do business with that all-important personal touch.

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